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Young Violent Dangerous, Liberi Armati Pericolosi
Paul, Joe and Louie are three young men from good families who decide to go on a bloodthirsty and pointless crime spree, much to the dismay of paul’s girlfriend (Eleonora Giorgi) and the local police commissioner (Tomas Milian). the group starts by robbing a gas station where paul guns down three innocent bystanders. When they later decide to rob a bank and a grocery store, paul ends up killing more people. It isn’t long before the entire police force is looking for the three criminals, who pick up the girl and hightail it to the Swiss border, killing everyone in their path.

"God bless Raro Video USA for exposing American cult movie fans to more Eurocrime. Their latest release is appropriately titled Young, Violent, Dangerous, and is an ode to mayhem.." DVDTalk

“The awesome title Young, Violent, Dangerous promises to really deliver the lowdown trashy exploitation teens-running-horribly- amok juvenile delinquent goods, and boy does this wonderfully wild Italian crime action thriller ever do the trick with a splendidly sleazy and straightforward unapologetic aplomb.” DVDBeaver

“Young Violent Dangerous offers everything one might expect form a euro-crime thriller: machine-gun fire, car chases and tied-up naked women.”

Romolo Guerrieri

Fernando Di Leo

Ermanno Curti, Armando Novelli, Marcello Partini

Eleonora Giorgi, Tomas Milian, Stefano Patrizi

Erico Menczer

Antonio Siciliano

Enrico Pieranunzi

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Release Date: February 28, 2012
Production: Italy – 1976
Running time: 96 minutes, color
Language: English and Italian with English subtitles
Audio: Dolby digital 2.0
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1

Release Date: February 28, 2012

Special Features
Documentary Ragazzi fuori
Director filmography and biography
New transfer from original 35mm negative print Digitally restored New and improved English subtitles
BONUS ROM content: A PDF fully illustrated booklet containing critical analysis of the film